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Step 5 1/2: Delivering To Your Clients

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Offer More Value Than Your Competition

Recently I saw a press release (6/10/2016) on ABC 12 about a business for  heating and air conditioning repair service that was attracting customers by giving away furnaces.  This is great marketing.  The company is adding value to and individual, who may desperately need it, adding value to the city by helping out individuals and not the state, and adding value to his company by getting their name out into the community.  I would check out the companies site ( to see how they structured this idea.  It’s a big win-win.

Think of what promotions you could have to offer.  Free lessons. Bonus time.

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6 Steps to Mastering Your Coaching Career

Derek Berg
Derek Berg

I would like to thank Derek Berg for providing guidance and insights from  The next few posts will discuss you competition, information on what type of music coach you inspire to, developing your strengths, understanding you audience, effective marketing, and deliverability.

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