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One Of The Sounds That I Very Much Enjoy

One of the sounds that I very much enjoy is the sound of the classical guitar. A very classical guitar can have very clean sounding strings with beautiful chords. I always joked around with a couple of my friends that play the guitar about how you can never have a campfire without somebody they can’t play the guitar. For as long as instruments have had strings I’m sure people have been sitting around campfires playing them. The classical guitar only has 5 strings. While one of the hybrids has 6. To me, I’m a very Point Blank person when it comes to guitars. It’s a five-string or nothing for me. I do not enjoy as much the six-string hybrid. Perhaps it is my small short squatty Irish fat fingers that make it hard to play. And I do know that that is exactly the case. However what I will say is this; 6 string guitar, although is not considered classical, does have its value and Merit. I guess it’s just because I like to imagine years ago men sitting around a campfire telling stories while someone played the guitar it truly has a beautiful sound and I enjoy playing it but Eric Clapton were to combine his power of the guitar with meatloaf it would be first of all very funny however I’ll bet it would be an amazing album.